1. The enclosed fee schedule is for the sole purpose of achieving a ‘planning decision’ and/or ‘full plans’ approval from the Planning and/or Building Control Authority unless expressed otherwise.
  2. Local authority fees are to be paid directly by the client in all cases. The client is responsible for ensuring that any fees due to the local district council are paid in a timely manner.
  3. Home Design Studios will not be held responsible for any delays experienced as a result of late payments.
  4. The architectural fees include completion of all associated application forms and the procurement/compilation of supporting documentation for submission. Drawings are supplied as PDF format.
  5. A1 size paper colour copies of drawings if required are charged at £12.50 + VAT each.
  6. Fees are payable on completion of each of the tabulated work elements, and immediately prior to the submission of the planning and Building Control applications, or otherwise interim valuations at monthly intervals for projects with extended design durations.
  7. Specialist reports and calculations are due for payment immediately prior to order.
  8. 50% of the Contract Administration fee is due for payment following the issue of a tender invitation pack, the balance of 50% is payable at contract inception.
  9. Project Management fees are invoiced fortnightly, the amount equal to 15% + VAT of the contract value excluding VAT divisible by the agreed contract term.
  10. The actual Project Management fee is calculated as 15% + VAT of the final contract sum excluding VAT.  Any balance owing as a result of contract variations is to be invoiced on receipt of the principle contractors final valuation and is due for payment within seven days of invoice presentation.
  11. Appointed building contractors and their appointed sub-contractors are required to demonstrate adequate ‘contractors all risks’, ‘employers liability’, and ‘public liability’ insurance is in place for the duration of the project and maintained thereafter to ensure continuing cover for the whole term of the liability period. We will not undertake contract or project management activities where a chosen contractor is unable to demonstrate the requisite commensurate insurance protection for the duration of the contract.
  12. Contracts with design elements will also require that the designing sub-contractor has professional indemnity insurance commensurate with the design remit.
  13. The Principle Contractor is responsible for the implementation of Construction Design Management (CDM) 2015 Health & Safety Regulations.  This is a pre-requisite for appointment, contractors that are unable to provide appropriate health and safety documentation will not be considered for the contractor selection process.
  14. Coordination of construction activities is the sole responsibility of the project manager (or his representative) in conjunction with the appointed building contractor.
  15. Any deviation from the approved architectural and/or structural drawings and/or supporting documentation may invalidate any insurance claims or implied warranties.
  16. We have not made provision to provide a bill of quantities, schedule of works or other specification documentation other than that necessary for inclusion within the building regulations drawings in order to achieve ‘full plans’ approval.
  17. Where proposed foundations fall within 3m of a 100mm diameter storm water or sewer pipe, or access chamber then a ‘build over or near to a sewer’ agreement will normally be required by Thames Water authority and will incur an additional fee of £343 payable direct to Thames Water.In addition, we make a charge of £150+VAT administration fee to submit the application on your behalf and provide full representation.  In addition, Thames Water will require section drawings depicting the storm/sewer inverts and access chamber(s) relative to the foundations for which there is a further drawing fee of £375 + VAT.  Storm water and sewer pipe bore diameters more than 160mm attract a higher Thames Water application fee.  Should the works involve a ‘build directly over’ sewer pipes then Thames Water may in some cases also request structural engineer’s calculations accompany the application for which a further fee is payable.  This will be assessed and determined by Thames Water following completion of the building regulations drawings.
  18. Some older properties utilise combined foul and surface water drainage systems.  Thames Water can in some circumstances request an application is submitted to utilise the combined system for rainwater ‘run off’ from new extensions.  Thames Water may also request an application for either a new or indirect connection to the foul sewer. Should Thames Water request either of these applications then we will advise you of their processing fee together with our drawing and administrative fees prior to implementation on receipt of their statement of requirements.
  19. The local building control authority have complete autonomy and may at their discretion request specialist surveys, reports, and/or calculations to assist in determining a planning application and building regulations approval.  Some examples are; Flood risk assessment, arboriculture survey, bio-diversity study, land contamination report, thermal qualification (SAP/EPC), fire risk assessments.  This is not an exhaustive list and we have not made specific provision within this proposal for any specialist/engineer’s reports.  Should a specialist report/survey(s) be requested then we would advise the associated fee(s) and await your instruction. Where TBA is shown the fee will be advised on completion of the building regulations drawings or as soon as available.
  20. Structural calculations and associated design drawings will be required for any supporting beams, some roof designs, foundations and floor slab details, and in particular pile foundations, block and beam floors, and raft foundations. These will be advised on completion of the building regulations drawings and will include a management and administration fee of £225 + VAT for procurement and to act as intermediary with structural engineer, building inspector, building contractor, and client.
  21. We have not made provision within this proposal to perform any ground investigation works or the procurement of an associated interpretive report.  The ground conditions, site history and other influencing factors are unknown to the author at this stage, however they will determine the type of foundation detail necessary to achieve Building Control approval.  The presence of trees can in some circumstances also influence foundation design. ‘Pile’ foundations are often employed in situations where the exposed ground conditions reveal an unsound bed, or likelihood of ground heave occurring, as this type of foundation is significantly deeper than conventional foundation design.   Without the benefit of an interpretive report we have assumed ground conditions are suitable for simple mass concrete foundations.  Should excavation work (or other information be presented) to suggest this type of foundation is unsuitable we will refer to the building inspector for decision and structural engineer to advise the fee for an alternative foundation design detail.
  22. We have not made provision for any design or administrative works associated with buried or hidden services or any other concealed anomalies.
  23. We have not made provision within the fee schedule for the design and specification of mechanical, electrical, or plumbing and heating systems (with exception to pertinent above and below ground drainage). We will procure competitive tender for the design of M&E systems from NICEIC (or equivalent) accredited electrical contractors, and Gas Safe registered heating engineers, or otherwise specialist M&E design consultants, as directed.
  24. Please note that progression to the Building Control phase is accepted on the understanding that the design as approved by the grant of an associated planning consent (or completion of the ‘design phase’ determined by instruction to proceed to the ‘building control phase’) is ‘frozen’. Any subsequent changes to the design whether internal or external features will incur additional architectural fees. Minor changes may also require a ‘non-material change’ planning application or where a proposed change would alter the shape, profile, or position of a development it may be necessary to resubmit a ‘full’ planning application. In all cases the local planning authority will make the determination. Local authority, architectural and administrative fees will be notified prior to implementation.
  25. Changes to the building regulations drawings requested by the client whether in progress or at completion will incur an additional fee to be notified prior to implementation.
  26. The Health & Safety Executive introduced the “Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015” (CDM).  These regulations mean that virtually everyone involved in a construction project including domestic clients and principle contractors now have legal duties under CDM 2015.  As a client appointing or entering into a contract with a building contractor (anyone who has construction work carried out for them) has a responsibility to make sure their project is suitably managed to ensure the health and safety of all who might be affected by the work, including members of the public.  More information can be found on the government Health and Safety Executive’s website by following this link.  http://www.hse.gov.uk/construction/cdm/2015/responsibilities.htm . In response to this recent legislation we will include relevant health and safety information with all building regulations designs and other supporting documentation.  At this stage, we are not entering into written agreements to undertake the ‘Principle Designer’s role’ in the context of CDM 2015 and assume that the production and implementation of the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan will be undertaken by the appointed Principle Contractor.
  27. Where a proposed development is within 3m of a neighbouring structure then a ‘Party Wall Agreement’ is normally required.  This can either be arranged with a chartered surveyor, legal representative, or directly with the owner of the neighbouring property(s).  We can provide you with helpful literature and contact details of a local surveyor should you require this service.  Please note that Home Design Studios does not accept any responsibility or liability in connection with party wall agreements.
  28. We have not made provision for any items not specifically mentioned within the enclosed fee schedule.
  29. Our payment terms are strictly 7 days from invoice presentation.
  30. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.
  31. Cancellation of orders must be submitted in writing to Home Design Studios at 17 Bainton Road, Bucknell OX27 7LT or by email to sales@homedesignstudios.co.uk and receipt acknowledged by Home Design Studios.  Please note that there will be a pro-rata charge for any works already done up to the cancellation date. This may also include local district council authority or other third party fees where there is no refund policy.  Home Design Studios will provide a full refund of all fees paid for works that have not been implemented.  Refunds are processed within seven days of receipt of cancellation.
  32. ‘Home Design Studios’ is a Trading Name of Construction Sector Services Ltd.
  33. All quoted fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate at point of invoice (with exception to local authority planning fees).