General Permitted Development Order 1995


The General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) 1995 (as amended) provides opportunity for some homeowners to extend their property without having to first achieve planning consent.  There are a number of extension and conversion projects that can be progressed in this manner, and they include the conversion of roof voids and garages to habitable space, porches and some types of side and rear extensions.  There are are number of governing criteria but in the main the GPDO provides an alternative to the sometimes lengthy and costly planning application process.

On 30 May 2013 central government introduced the ‘Larger Home Extension: Neighbour Consultation Scheme’ that (subject to satisfying the GPDO criteria) allows for single storey extensions to detached properties to project rearward eight-metres from the original rear wall(s) of the property, or six-metres in the case of semi-detached or terraced property.  This is twice the current permitted rear projection.

This opportunity is now a permanent feature of the national planning framework so it is very worthwhile taking a moment to consider whether this facility can achieve your space objectives without need for a householder planning application.