Solar Farm at Upper Arncott gets Green Light

An application for a solar park in Upper Arncott has been approved by Cherwell District Council, subject to conditions.

The installation will see the eight megawatt solar photovoltaic installation built on a site that is currently an agricultural field used for arable crop growing as part of Brook Farm.

Planning permission was sought by Green Energy UK Direct Ltd  to install the panels, covering 40 acres, approximately a metre off the ground and with a maximum height of about three metres, facing south. Ancillary work includes access, a temporary compound and a substation. The site will be contained by a two metre high steel mesh security fence, mounted with CCTV cameras.

Cllr Michael Gibbard, lead member for planning at Cherwell District Council, said “Given the relatively flat landscape, combined with proposed landscaping, the council considered that the proposal wouldn’t be visually intrusive or  harm the topography, character or appearance of the landscape.

“The National Planning Policy Framework encourages councils to approve applications for renewable energy. Added to this the applicants have shown that there are no other suitable brownfield sites, there are no highway safety issues and they will work with the Environment Agency to address their concerns.”

Further details for this application are available on the Cherwell District Council website planning pages using the reference number 14/00950/F.